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Cleaning your reels

Reels must be cleaned and greesed if you plan on making good use of them over time.
The key to dismantling and cleaning reels is to have an internal diagram of the reel handy.
Almost every reel we buy comes with a diagram and parts list.
Make sure you have this diagram and if possible the parts ready before you start to service or clean your reels.

Always wash your reel with the drag done up tight. This is to prevent forcing the salt further into the reel. Try not to spray the hose directly on to it in a jet. Muffle the hose with your thumb or just set the nozzle on a kind of a dribble. Alternatively use a bucket of warm soapy water and wash the reel by hand with a sponge or soft-bristled brush.

You can than air-dry the reel. Once it is dry use a light spray with CRC, WD40, Tackle-guard or similar is a good practise before putting them away.

Every year or two drop your reels in for a professional service. It doesn’t cost a lot to keep them in top condition and you’ll be glad you did when you hook that fish-of-a-lifetime and your reel performs as it should.

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