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Can wind affect fishing?

Besides the more scientific approach and published papers on the various theories of the effects of the environment on fishing, fishermen has been relying on their experiences and 'theories" and "concepts that have been passed down from generation of fishermen.

Here I would attempt to look at the effect of wind on your overall fishing experience.
Have you heard of the saying "when the wind is from the west the fishn at its best. But if the wind is from the east the fish bite the least" ?

If the weather is calm and warm for a certain period of time water is slack for some time and the undisturbed water may suffer from a lack of aeration thus oxygen.
On this note wind is something that should prompt us to pack our gears and head for the waters.

Why? you ask.

Wind blowing on shorelines and structures can inject oxygen molecules into the water these in turn creates waves that can increase the dissolved oxygen level, baitfishes and predators. Baitfishes will tend to feed on the planktons being disturbed by the wind activities. The predators will position themselves at the rear of the baitfish school and hitting on any of these bait that tries to escape.
Waves created will tend to create mud line - for shallow waters and creates a perfect ambush point for the predators to attack any baitfishes.

On windy days I have also notice that bait fish will seek out calmer water. This can be a good thing because we know that the predators will surely be looking for this too.

Wind Prevents light penetration:This allows the bass to come into shallower water to feed.
Look for windy shores, if there appears to be a current running, try to fish upwind if you can. Between boat handling into the wind and casting upwind, this is easier said than done.
If you are luring you would need to keep in touch with your lure on the retrieve, which suggests a fast retrieve on a heavier lure. Wind will make baitfish like Shad more active, select lures which imitate them.

Note that the wind can work in our favor only after we have considered all aspects of safety. It is obvious that on windy days fishing becomes more dangerous than on non-windy days. Would you be able to cast safely, would there be any safety issues at the spot where you intend to fish.. are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before heading out.

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